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Biographical Summary

After completing his BS degree in Electrical Engineering at UC San Diego in 1985, Russell Byrne spent five years at Fairchild Space Company and ST Systems (NASA contractors), where he worked in the areas of flight hardware Integration & Test, Attitude Control flight software, and robotics research. During that time, he completed his MS Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, as a part-time student.

He then spent five years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) as a Senior Network Engineer, and three years at Cogent Software (a regional ISP) as a Senior Network Engineer.He left Cogent to join a fast-growing network consulting firm (Enterprise Networking Systems, which later became Netigy Corp.), where he spent three years as a network infrastructure performance consultant.Russell returned to JPL in 2002 to become the Ground Network System Engineer for the Deep Space Network's flight network.In 2005, he left JPLfor the second time to take his current position at Cisco Systems as a Systems Engineer .

He has over twenty years of experience in technology.His thirteen years in networking include experience in LAN/WAN design, installation, management, administration, analysis and troubleshooting.Russell also has a strong background in software engineering and modeling, including experience with database system design, software design and implementation, and Unix system administration.His unique expertise lies in the areas of application profiling, network performance assessment, and capacity planning.


Education Summary (click here for details)

Bachelorís and Masterís degrees in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Control Systems from UC San Diego and the University of Maryland at College Park, respectively. Research areas were computer graphics, interprocess messaging middleware and real-time simulation of space-based robotic systems.


Training Summary (click here for details)

Numerous week-long courses throughout his career, ranging from network diagnostic tools, management tools, modeling and analysis tools, programming, router and switch configuration, security, and project management.

Certifications: CISSP


Skills Summary (click here for details)

Wide-ranging skills in technology, including system administration, network design and administration, network management and troubleshooting. He has a strong background in Internet, LAN and WAN protocols.His software experience includes design and implementation of real-time robotic and spacecraft systems, and database system design.He has software implementation experience using over a dozen languages, from the machine level through command-line scripting.

Security experience includes policy creation, system design and management of client platforms, servers, network devices, and enterprise-wide security systems.

Project management skills include task and milestone scheduling, resource prioritization, cost and budget analysis, authoring work agreements and proposals for new work, and project team management.

Strong people skills are accompanied by a love of teaching, writing and presenting to large groups.


Professional Experience Summary (click here for details)

Russellís professional career began in 1985 in the aerospace industry working for NASA contractors in Maryland.His early work was in the areas of integration & test, attitude control spacecraft flight software using FORTRAN, and robotic simulation software using Ada.

He then spent two years doing C++ development in the areas of off-shore oil rig instrumentation and custom database design.

Later, in the early 1990ís, Russell worked on various networking research projects at NASA/JPL in Pasadena, including efforts focused on inverse multiplexing using ISDN, voice & data compression on narrow-band satellite networks, and voice, video and multipriority data networking over low-speed international ATM links.

1995: Left JPL to pursue an opportunity with an Internet startup, and built a regional ISP network over a period of three years.The network was managed using a network management and alerting system he wrote using Perl and Unix shell scripts and tools integrated from the Big Brother monitoring system and the MRTG trending system.

1998: Joined a consulting firm and became skilled in Networked Applications Management, providing advice to IT leaders of Fortune 100 companies who were managing deployment, troubleshooting, optimizing and capacity planning projects.

2002: Rejoined JPL to become the Deep Space Networkís architect for the ground network system.Led a staff of fifteen which was responsible for system and subsystem engineering, flight project support, network administration, management and design.A notable accomplishment during this period was the implementation of IP Quality of Service techniques to provide bandwidth guarantees and performance trending for over a dozen different classes of critical flight project traffic.

Since 2005 he has been a Systems Engineer with Cisco Systems, as a member of the enterprise healthcare vertical team.His areas of specialization are datacenter and security.


Teaching Experience Summary (click here for details)

Russell is a natural teacher, beginning his paid experience at the age of twelve, when he gave his first tennis lesson for $1 per hour.While at UCSD during his undergraduate studies, he started the tutor program at the OASIS tutoring center on campus.

While working at JPL in the early 1990ís, he became involved with the Pasadena Unified School Districtís after school program aimed at fourth through seventh graders, teaching them about electronic circuits.

Later in his career he became active as a trainer, giving lectures and training seminars on Internet technology and usage.

Most recently he was involved with the smart phone rollout at JPL, developing training for the advanced Treo user.


Publication Summary (click here for details)

Russell has published numerous technical reports while doing his graduate work at the University of Maryland, culminating in his Masterís thesis: Interactive Graphics and Dynamic Simulation in a Distributed Processing Environment.

He has authored and edited several research reports for NASA in the area of robotics and networking, and presented at the SpaceOps 1994 and SpaceOps 2004 conferences.

He is currently writing a book for Cisco Press Ė the working title is Networked Applications Management.


Honors & Awards Summary (click here for details)

Russell has earned awards of various types from nearly every organization he has supported.The most notable was being selected as one of the nationís top engineering students in 1985 as a Fairchild Scholar.

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