What Critics Say About Robert Byrne's Novels

Memories of a Non-Jewish Childhood (also published in paperback under the title
Once a Catholic)
"Outrageously funny!"
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Ribald and riotous, tough and tender, crisply written."
The Seattle Times

"Tommy Shannon has as much flair for erotic bafflement and all-around adolescent misery as any of his peers since Holden Caulfield."
The New York Times

"Raw and very funny."
The Saturday Review of Literature

"A brilliant book--I gulped it in one sitting."
Jessica Mitford

The Tunnel
"A hair-raising denouement is only part of the excitement generated by this dramatic, well-researched story of underwater construction."
Publishers Weekly

The Dam
"A hellishly exciting tale -- disturbingly convincing."
Los Angeles Times

"Byrne keeps the reader glued."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Far better than a disaster novel has any reason to be."
Harper's Magazine

"Powerful authenticity -- with plenty of nail-biting drama, violent death, and a graphic explosion of human folly."
Kansas City Star

"Such realistic detail as to send shiver down the backs of readers. Hypnotic -- chilling and exciting at the same time -- a pulse-racing climax."
John Barkham

"This born-to-be-filmed novel is a fast-paced recital of political skullduggery, bribery, murder, and unthinkable catastrophe."
People Magazine

"Byrne has done it again in this high-tension thriller. This is a winner, in part because it is so credible, in greater part because it is a taut tale that comes to a crashing climax."
Publishers Weekly

"Crisp and readable, with huge doses of suspense. Makes you want to run to the library to read Byrne's other novels."
The Oklahoman

"A doozy -- picks up pace until the reader is rushing headlong into an environmental nightmare aboard an out-of-control train. A nightmarish rush to Armageddon."
United Press

"A thriller notable for the relentless cross-cutting pace of the narrative and the knowledgeable detailing that gives larger-than-life events a credibility you almost wish they didn't have."
Los Angeles Times

"The reader is compelled to stay with the ride and hang on for dear life. Daring heroics, mayhem, and murder -- Byrne has written this realistic tale of terror with knowledge and authority."
The Monterey Herald

"A taut, well-written, and sophisticated thriller."
The New York Times

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